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(The schedule and other information detailed in this site is draft. 
Suggestions and other inputs in this regard are welcome. We will post updates at intervals. )

The Oratory, Ranwar, 100 Years

‘The’ Oratory at Ranwar is a familiar landmark to residents and passers-by alike. As far as all the present residents of the Village are concerned, the Oratory has always been there. (That statement just about could shave through, by a couple of years, as ‘Aunty’ Flavy Pereira, who’s house, ‘The Trellis’ adjoins the Oratory, will celebrate her 97th birth day on the same day that the Oratory celebrates its 100th year.

To mark this special landmark the residents, past and present, of Ranwar Village, along with friends, plan to organise several events through the year, culminating on the 26th December 2006, in a solemn Mass at the Oratory and a get together and dinner at the Rest Ranwar grounds.



The first such event will mark the start of the centenary year, on December 26, 2005.
As has happened, literally on thousands of evenings in the last century,
we plan to have a Rosary at the Oratory followed by the mandatory, ‘boiled gram’
(could we have a Village Rosary without boiled gram ?) and other light refreshments.


There will be evening Rosary for whoever can attend, 
on the 27th, 28th, and 29th December 2005

There will be a Mass at the Oratory on December 30, 2005
Subsequently, on the 26th of each month there will be a Rosary at the Oratory.


Finally, on December 26th 2006 we intend to have a solemn Mass celebrated at the Oratory.  
This Mass will be ‘hosted’ by all the present Priests from Ranwar 
and we will invite other priests and bishops to the Mass.

We invite Ranwarites, in Ranwar, and all the many parts of the world,
to plan to attend and to participate and be present at the final dinner on December 26th 2006.
Please inform as many people as you can - we assure you that The Celebrations
on December 26th 2006, will be an occasion to remember, so plan on being there.


To mark the occasion we plan to publish a small brochure with the history of the Oratory and of Ranwar itself. 
If there is any material you have, articles or photographs that could be included in the brochure please forward it to us.
These could also be published on this website as appropriate.


We are compiling a list of Ranwarites and their families. This list is attached on this page. 
Please let us know if there are any additions or corrections. 
One of the things we plan to do is to put together a ‘Ranwar Family Tree’ 
with the names of past and present residents of the Village. To do this we need inputs from you. 
E-mail us at


We will post any information on this event, on this website
so please check it out from time to time.


This event will be funded by contributions from Ranwarites 
and anyone wishing to be generous. 
Please e-mail us at to do so.